Balancing, spinning or juggling, you won't believe she can do with her hula hoops.

Dizzy Lizzy is best known for her dexterous and charming hula hoop performances. Inspired by traditional circus hula-hooping, rhythmic gymnastics, and hoop dance, her fast-spinning acts combine a stellar skill level with cheeky, high-energy stage presence.

Dizzy’s hula hoop acts  include a wide array of single hoop manipulations, multiple hoop tricks, balances, and the classic crowd-pleaser, the stack: a pile of thirty of more hoops spinning on the waist and torso.

Although Dizzy Lizzy’s hula hoop artistry can be demonstrated in almost any space, a minimum of nine cubed feet / three cubed metres of performance area is optimal, and a raised stage is preferred. Strolling or  atmospheric  hula hooping is also a wonderful addition  for parties, festivals and corporate events.

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